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Are you looking for a Homeowners Association Closing Letter?

Have you decided to join us in Stonebrook Farms and placed one of our neighborhood's houses and property under contract? That's great! We look forward to welcoming you to the neighborhood.

As you prepare for your real estate closing, the closing agent will probably request that you or the seller obtain a HOA closing letter from the homeowners association.  Well, as we previously noted on this website, Stonebrook Farms does not have a HOA. Nope, no required HOA here. We do have a voluntary association of neighbors - that's us, the Stonebrook Citizens Association (SCA).

If you require a HOA Closing Letter, we have a generic letter available below for you to download.   If you require additional assistance or a more detailed letter specific to your property, please use the use the below form to contact the SCA, provide the address of the property and the current owner's name, and we will generate the HOA closing letter tailored for your property.  

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