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Stonebrook Citizens Association

About Us

Stonebrook Citizens Association (SCA)

Not only is Stonebrook Farms a great neighborhood and place to raise your family, but it also does NOT have a Home Owners Associations (HOA)!   

When Stonebrook Farms was created, HOAs were not required nor necessary for the successful growth and maturity of the neighborhood.  Our roads are all County- owned and State-maintained.  We have no common open space, nor street lights- all elements that typically require an HOA's for oversight.

Nope, Stonebrook Farms only has an entrance sign, its spotlight, and nice landscaping around the sign.  And these features are maintained by the Stonebrook Citizens Associations (SCA) and its voluntary membership.  

SCA also organizes numerous annual activities for its members.  A kick-off the summer pool party and a winter dinner/annual meeting are just two of the usual food events.  SCA has also organized parades for Halloween and Christmas. And during COVID-19 when the Apple Blossom Parade was canceled, SCA held our own parade throughout our neighborhood, complete with our form of neighborhood royalty escorted around in convertibles.  It's all about meeting your neighbors and friends.  And enjoying the community we call home. 

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